First Day of UniTEFL

First day of TEFL class is finished! 🙂

Had a great time meeting everyone in class – there are lots of Americans, as well as some British, Australian and one New Zealander.

Everyone is super nice and we had a lot of fun today in class. We learned about the history of learning second languages and the different teaching methods that have been developed over the years to help teach second languages. We did some icebreaker activities, as well as had to get up in front of the class to get us used to public speaking with hand gestures, eye contact, projecting our voices, etc. We also learned a little bit about the Thai culture and got a “warm-up” on how to speak Thai – this is not easy in the slightest. I struggled – hard. With time I know I’ll get better, but the today’s practice was not pretty.

After class, my classmate Chris and I took a walk to the mall to get our Thai SIM cards activated for our phones and to take a look at the gym. The woman at the phone store was so helpful, which was great for us because we had no idea what we were doing. The gym was very nice but a little expensive for a gym! It’s around $60 a month and at home I was paying $20 a month – interesting what is inflated over here and what isn’t. After the mall, we walked back to the hotel and got some dinner on the way. We stopped at some food vendors and got lightly fried octopus in a chili sauce – SO GOOD! I also got an iced green tea, which I have missed so much since my trip to Thailand in March. These are my favorite drinks here and probably full of sugar, so I will definitely need to find a gym if I keep drinking them 🙂

We also checked out the Muy Thai training center that’s behind our hotel – really, really cool. I may train there one day just to see what it’s like. Everyone that was training when we walked in seemed very nice so it would be cool to go watch/train.

Went to a bar with Chris to celebrate first day of classes with some Changs! There are a few small bars right downstairs from our hotel – very convenient!


Chang Chang

Chang Chang


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